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Benefits of Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Skin texture changes over time, due to a variety of circumstances including age, diet, sun exposure, lifestyle habits, and more. If you’re noticing unsightly textural changes and would like a smoother, more even appearance, consider laser skin resurfacing. 

Even Out Skin Tone

Many who come in to receive skin resurfacing treatments complain about uneven skin tone, red patches, dark spots, and more. With skin resurfacing, you can achieve a more even skin tone. During a skin resurfacing treatment, a laser is used to remove the outer layers of skin. Often, this layer has seen a lot of wear and tear. Removing it can expose newer layers of skin that are more refreshed and give you a younger look. It can also provide you with a more even skin tone because it exposes this newer layer and stimulates the growth of new skin cells. There are different skin resurfacing lasers on the market, each with their own unique mechanism and social downtime protocols. At Femme Moderne, we use a 2940 Erbium laser and can perform semi-ablative and fully ablative treatments, depending upon your skin’s needs with less than 1 week of social downtime. This type of laser resurfacing is safe and painless, in contrast to CO2 ablation which can be painful with less predictable energy delivery.

Give New Life to Your Skin

Since you’re removing the outer layer of skin during a skin resurfacing treatment, you’re revealing a fresh new layer of skin. This allows you to start over with your skin and establish a new beauty routine. You can have softer, younger-looking skin as you develop healthy skincare habits to take care of it properly. After your treatment, make sure you begin a proper skincare routine including medical grade skincare to care for the investment you have made in your appearance.

Smooth Out Lines and Wrinkles 

As you age, your skin quickly begins to show your years. Wrinkles develop, as well as fine lines around your mouth and eyes. Removing these lines can give you a much younger look and help you feel more secure with your image. Skin resurfacing is a great way to smooth out the lines on your face, in addition to the benefit of retexturizing the skin. At Femme Moderne, our fully trained and experienced staff can help smooth out any lines in your face within just a 30-minute appointment. We can’t wait to hear all the compliments you receive on your newly rejuvenated skin! 

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