Physiq Body Contouring & Sculpting IN DRAPER, UTAH

Before and After Physiq Body Contouring & Sculpting Treatment Image | Femme Moderne Center for Aesthetics in Draper, UT

Physiq Body Contouring & Sculpting

We proudly introduce Physiq at Femme Moderne Center for Aesthetics in Draper, Utah. Physiq is cutting-edge body contouring technology that takes fat reduction and muscle toning to new heights! The only device of it’s kind on the market, Physiq is non-invasive, hands-free, and requires no preparation or downtime. Physiq’s revolutionary STEP (Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse) technology ensures fat loss and muscle stimulation. This innovative approach gently warms the skin, while effectively destroying underlying fat cells. This differs from other devices that use radiofrequency for fat removal because, with Physiq, no energy is lost in heating tissues other than fat cells. The fat then naturally moves through the lymphatic system and is processed by the body.

Meanwhile, muscle stimulation during the treatment enhances tone and aids in the movement of fat through the lymphatics in the treated areas. With Physiq, you can target up to 4 areas in just 36 minutes. Don’t wait any longer to achieve the body you desire! Schedule an appointment or contact us via text or call at (801) 980-0788 for more information on our state-of-the-art Physiq body contouring treatments.

Benefits of Physiq Body Contouring include:


Physiq utilizes STEP technology, combining thermal and electrical pulses to destroy fat cells and stimulate muscle contraction. The fat is then processed naturally by the body.
Yes, Physiq is entirely safe. It is a non-invasive procedure with no reported significant side effects.
We recommend five sessions. Treatments can be performed weekly until desired results are achieved.
No, there is no downtime after a Physiq treatment. You can resume your regular activities immediately.
Absolutely! Physiq reduces fat and improves muscle tone in the treated areas, making it an ideal solution for those seeking both fat loss and muscle toning.
Physiq is generally safe and effective for most individuals, but it is essential to consult with our experts to determine if it is the right option for you.



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