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Why Try Body Sculpting

Not everyone is satisfied with their body shape and it leads them to try a long list of options to help them get the shape they’re looking for. Body sculpting is a treatment that can allow you to get to the shape you want through a safe, easy, and comfortable process. 

How it Works 

At Femme Moderne Center for Aesthetics, body sculpting is done using the Physiq device. Physiq utilizes thermal and electrical pulse technology to destroy fat cells and sculpt lean muscle. Fat cells are permanently destroyed during the treatment and then processed naturally through the lymphatic system. During a Physiq treatment, you lay comfortably in a treatment bed and paddles will be applied to the treatment area. The entire process is hands free as the machine takes care of everything. You can treat up to 4 areas at a time with a max treatment time of to 36 minutes with zero downtime afterwards. 5 treatments are recommended for best results. 

Natural, Non-Invasive Fat Loss

Many other processes for reshaping the body are highly invasive and require a long recovery. With Physiq body sculpting, there is no surgery or injection. The only thing that touches you are the paddles of the Physiq device. This process is also very natural because it is your body that is getting rid of or moving the fat cells. The Physiq treatment is simply aiding your body in this natural process. Body sculpting is an excellent solution for anyone struggling with fat loss and it can be paired well with a fitness routine. 

Additional Benefits 

While the primary goal of body sculpting is fat loss, there are some additional benefits you may experience. Due to the nature of the treatment, your muscles are stimulated and this can lead to increased muscle tone in the treatment areas. Physiq can also lead to a decrease in cellulite in the treatment areas. Many clients have also experienced a decrease in muscle aches or pains, improved lymphatic drainage, and even soothed menstrual cramps. This treatment can benefit your body in many ways!

If you’re struggling with fat loss, then maybe it’s time to try a new approach. Body sculpting is a safe and comfortable process that can allow you to get the body shape you’re looking for. It’s non-invasive, has virtually no recovery time, and it even offers you benefits beyond just fat loss. 

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