Benefits of Laser Skin Treatments

Benefits of Laser Skin Treatments

Your skin may see a lot of wear and tear over time and you may come to the point where you want to make some improvements. Laser skin treatments can be useful in improving any damage, discoloration, or lines on the face. This treatment will remove layers of the skin with precision and as your skin heals, it will appear younger and healthier. 

Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines

When it comes to laser skin treatments, there are several different light and laser treatments that are used in order to treat different conditions. There are several types of laser wavelengths that can treat wrinkles or fine lines, depending upon the depth of the lines. Deep lines are often treated with longer laser wavelengths by emitting light and heat into the subdermal layers of the skin thereby promoting collagen production which will strengthen and tighten the skin. Superficial lines and wrinkles may be effectively treated with Erbium or ablative laser therapy. 

Eliminate Spider veins and Vascular Lesions. 

Spider veins are any small, damaged blood vessels that appear near the surface of the skin. Typically, they appear on the legs. While they are not harmful, most people seek to remove them for aesthetic purposes. Laser treatment is an effective way to remove them. Using heat, the laser will essentially destroy these blood vessels and eventually they will be reabsorbed into the leg and the blood will then flow through healthier vessels. Removing spider veins may take several sessions. 

Vascular lesions, such as telangiectasias and angiomas can also benefit from laser treatment in much the same way. 

Remove Scars and Skin Damage 

While laser treatment is helpful for treating the effects of aging, it can also be used to remove scars and skin damage. Many people may experience painful memories attached to scars or they may simply want them to be removed. It’s important to note that laser treatments do not completely remove scars and skin damage, but they do significantly reduce their visibility. The laser treatments will either remove layers of skin or promote the growth of healthier skin cells. 

Laser skin treatment is a generally safe procedure with little recovery time. It can give you the skin you’re looking for. 

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