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How to Deal with Stretch Marks

Stretch marks occur for many reasons and are a common concern for many. Often they appear due to pregnancy or weight changes, but they are also the result of changes during puberty and any other quick changes the body may experience. While they are common, many choose to find ways to remove them; fortunately, there are several options to pursue. 

Topical Vitamin A and Retinoid Treatments 

One of the first options many people turn to is using vitamin A or products that contain it. Vitamin A is extremely good for the skin because it helps boost the production of collagen. It can treat many skin issues including stretch marks. The increase of collagen can add more elasticity to the skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. If you’re looking for vitamin A products, begin by looking for retinoid creams and similar products. They contain vitamin A and can help you begin soothing away your stretch marks. 

Medical Laser Treatments 

If you’re determined to remove your stretch marks, you can take a more direct approach via medical treatments. One common option is laser treatment. Laser treatment can be helpful in several ways: First, the laser can smooth out your skin and create a more even texture. Additionally, laser therapy boosts collagen production which will help reduce your stretch marks. Depending upon the length of time, stretch marks have been present, different types of laser treatments are recommended. For fresher stretch marks, at Femme Moderne, we use a 1064 laser beam to stimulate collagen to plump the skin to lighten and reduce the appearance of the stretch marks. For ones that have been there awhile, skin resurfacing with our Erbium 2940 beam is recommended. It will smooth out the layers of your skin by removing dead skin cells, so you can have a more even skin surface and your stretch marks will be less apparent. 


Microneedling is  another option for the treatment of stretch marks. At Femme Moderne Center for Aesthetics, we use the world’s first FDA-cleared microneedling device, the SkinPen, to perform treatments. For the treatment of stretch marks, microneedling is a great option but may take several treatments to see optimal results. 

Most people experience stretch marks, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, if you are unhappy with the appearance of your stretch marks, our Mod Bod Laser Airbrush stretch mark removal package or SkinPen microneedling might be exactly what you’re looking for!

Are you interested in treatments to help reduce your stretch marks? Click here to learn about laser treatments and schedule a consultation. 

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